Sunday, March 25, 2007

Strangest Feeling

The house
is quiet
the house
is still
all is silent
not a whisper
not a stir
just the sound
i imagine

a door
a door
no one
just me


silence strangles
silence kills
old furniture
a sound
not real
thoughts shout
shut up
shut up
safe silence




Friday, March 09, 2007

Short Post

Short Post for those who are still reading/ complaining.
Life is good thanks to Mr Whiskers. Still working away
Uni is hard and tiring so it should be an interesting semester not much else is going on. Going to see Danny Boy hehehe Sucks to be you Kirani
and that ius basically it.
i will post more when i am not at work hehehe

The Joker

Monday, January 08, 2007

New Year

Well well the new year has begun.
I fell not alot has changes and yet so much has.
The folks went to texas
Relationships ended.
New ones have begun.
New jobs.
Ending holidays,
Starting to relise that life, which i thought last year, well early last year was dull, isn't actually dull at all.
what is wrong with the day to day bustle, i don't understand how people expect more now, becuase their is nothing more, you just need to enjoy the time your in right? even if i am wrong stuff you that is my theory and i am sticky to it.

Only two broken items to report to the parents on their return WOOOT i will live to see another day.

if you wish to see my handy work go to the saturdays paper and the computer section of the for sale. all those little words i had to type, every singe one! can you imagine!!!!!

this year shall be wonderful i think, with family and friends and dearest nathan nothing else really matters ( god bless metallica) and no i am not on drugs, but i think if you have people who love you weather it be family, or friends what else can honestly matter in life?

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Rain falls
Tiny drops
of perfection
Sleep usually comes with ease
But not tonight
The drops fall onto silent ears
All I can hear
All I can feel
Is the empty space beside me

It consumes the mind
Envelops the soul

The drops echo
of empty walls
A decade and then some
Of being alone
But only tonight I feel it
Space beside me
Space beside me
Just one night, and a decade is made redundant

It cleanses the soul
Washes away pain

Perfect drops
Wash nothing away
They only hark back
The night before
The days before
The time when the space
Was not empty
The space was filled
With perfection

Tiny drops fall, i am alone
Perfect drops, i am alone
What is perfection?
Whatever it is
It isn’t here, i am alone

Monday, November 27, 2006


Well i realise i haven't spoken to many of you in a while
so i will just give a list of my activities in no particular order
uni - now over thank god
work - um well its ok for work
nathan - making liife worth living
family - off to texas
spider bites - painfull
driving- non existant
alcohol- lack there of
friends- busy with most of the above
xmas- not coming soon enough

thank you

Sunday, November 12, 2006

missing my seraph

An angel kissed
my cheek today
though I did sleep
and was ignored
by worldly men
as rich as kings
I heard the whisperings
of their wings
I felt the fluttering
of the air
as if an angel
combed my hair
I heard the seraph's
watery chant
drip down
my dreams
distilled to song
While the River Lethe
and then
one tear awoke
the deluge
Another dawn
awoke the day
What once was near,
so far away.

i miss you seraph.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bloody Migraines

Headaches, who ever invented them should die a thousand painful deaths. Most of you know my history with the worst headaches in the world (for those who don’t ask Cait).
Well I had another one of my headaches today, luckily I wasn’t alone and had a sweet seraph to watch over me, cause they can get pretty scary, so I put on a brave face and smiled ☺ but I mean seriously, Who/what ever invented the human body and decided to have the brain hallucinate this must incredible pain to let you know there is something wrong should have a pineapple cannonballed up their ass.

Not only can you not make the pain go away, you also can’t feel you face or arms, and you feel bad cause you are causing every one else to have a bad time.

Oh and on that friendly note